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Biotechnology is helping us live better lives.

9 Ways Biotechnology is Making Life Better

Biotechnology is a science field where new products and processes are being developed on a regular basis. Those advances, enabled by the contribution of full service engineering and design firms that provide everything from capital planning to compliance consulting, ultimately make life easier and healthier.   Biotechnology: Improving Personal and Environmental Health Worldwide   The…

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Biotech Project Management

Keys to Successful Biotechnology Engineering Project Management

As anyone in biotechnology knows, it is a rapidly expanding field. Grandview Research reports that the global market is expected to reach $727 billion by 2025. Consequently, both biotech companies and the project management and engineering firms that support them are eagerly pursuing new projects. Initiatives related to regenerative medicine and genetics in diagnostics will…

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Pharmaceuticals manufacturing

Contract Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing: How to Select a CMO

The global market for pharmaceuticals continues to grow at a rapid rate. The QuintilesIMS Institute estimates that total spending on medications will reach $1.5 trillion in 2021. The U.S. is expected to account for the largest portion of the growth. Two factors are driving industry expansion. The first is population growth, which is expected to…

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Specialty Chemical Handling

Specialty Chemical Handling Insights from a Full Service Engineering Firm

Specialty chemicals, also known as effect chemicals or performance chemicals, are critically important in a wide range of business sectors, from automotive, electronics, and aerospace, to construction and agriculture. However, many types of specialty chemicals have characteristics that make them harmful to people, the environment, or both. For example, they may be caustic, flammable, volatile,…

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Biotechnology Lab Design

7 Best Practices for Biotech Lab Design

We live in an age where breakthroughs in biotechnology are occurring at an increasingly fast rate. From silicon biology to advances in medicine, the trends in biotech are exciting to watch. The driver behind the new products and services coming to market is, of course, the creativity, commitment, and perseverance of the individuals and organizations…

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Strategic Planning Considerations in Pharmaceuticals Plant Design

According to statistics portal Statista, which reports on studies and statistics from nearly 23,000 sources, the U.S. market for pharmaceuticals is the most important national market in the world. In fact, six of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies are in the U.S. It is estimated that consumers in our country spend a total of…

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How Engineering Services Support Specialty Chemicals Industry Growth

According to a report by Grand View Research, the global specialty chemicals market is expected to reach nearly $1.8 trillion by 2025. High-value chemicals needed in the development of new products will likely be a major driver of industry growth. Consequently, the engineering services required to design the plants that are manufacturing these chemicals are…

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What is Biotechnology and Why are Design Consulting Services Critical?

Most people have heard the term but many still wonder, “What is biotechnology?” Biotechnology is an area of science in which living organisms and systems are used to develop or manufacture products. It may use the organisms themselves or derivatives thereof. Stated more simply, biotechnology is technology based on biology. It capitalizes on cellular or…

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