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Cell Culture

In Biotechnology

Engineering, Construction and Validation

APECS provided niche roles during engineering, construction, and validation of the new Cell Culture wing. These roles included:

  • Piping design lead
  • Change control management system (CCMS) lead
  • Spare parts and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) lead
  • Project manager for design/build of capital project ideas resulting from the engineering runs

Biotech plant expansion

$250MM plant expansion to add large-scale capability for recombinant monoclonal antibodies and glycosylated proteins – conceptual/detailed design, concurrent production and construction, start-up, and validation. APECS provided piping design lead for the engineering team. Our piping lead managed work quality and production. Our role in the CCMS program was to stay ahead of the Jacobs construction team with quality change control documentation and approvals for work.

APECS also developed budgets and managed procurement for identifying critical spare parts and specialty startup items in preparation for engineering and validation runs. After the engineering runs were complete, approximately 20 different small capital project ideas were initiated to improve the probability of success at the validation run stage.

APECS Project Managers controlled design and construction teams to execute on approximately $2MM of miscellaneous project scope. The design team included consultant engineers, client personnel, and APECS personnel.